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After working in the compression world for many years as a representative for one of the major manufacturers of compression products, was begun because of our founder's perception that buying compression products was far too difficult for most people. Brick and mortar retail stores carry such a limited selection, that unless a customer is happy with just one color and typically just one or two fabric choices, they then have to wait for the product to be ordered and shipped, and still be charged full retail price. Online suppliers might have lower prices and a larger selection, but really no available helpful information, and the customer still has to sort through pages of products to find the ones they actually need.

The goal of CompressionGuru is to make compression shopping as easy as possible. With helpful descriptions, friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents, fast free shipping, low price guarantees, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At Compression Guru we will do everything to ensure that your experience is a great one and that you will find the best compression products for your needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert help and advice
  • Guaranteed lowest prices
  • Huge selection
  • Simplified shopping interface
  • Free Shipping on all compression orders
  • Easy step by step measuring guides
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee