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Venous Ulcers underlying cause is chronic venous insufficiency. Understanding what chronic venous insufficiency is important in understanding venous ulcers. Watch the "How the Venous System Works" video to understand the function of vein valves.

Normal vs varicose veinWhen those valves stop functioning properly the build up of blood in the veins is called reflux. Ongoing venous reflux can increase the blood pressure in the leg and reduce the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This can cause venous ulcers.

Effective treatment of these wounds usually requires compression garments during and after treatment. We break down wound care garments into 2 stages, acute and maintenance. Acute garments are designed to treat open ulcers. Maintenance garments significantly lower the chance of the wound recurring. Speak with your physician to find the appropriate compression level and garment for you.

How the Venous System Works

Acute Garments

Acute garments are designed for the treatment of an open ulcer. These products tend to be more robust and some are designed to accommodate dressing changes. Many of the wrap style garments can be worn 24 hours, for day and night compression. Elastic garments such as stockings are designed for daytime use only. Wraps are easy to apply without disturbing dressings, when using compression stockings over dressings application aids can be very beneficial. It is important to work with a qualified medical provider during the acute stage of an ulcer.

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Maintenance Garments

After a wound is healed compression is still very important. Just because a wound is no longer present, doesn't mean the underlying chronic venous insufficiency is gone. Daily use of compression garments will significantly reduce the chance of having to deal with a recurrence of this wound by preventing fluid from pooling in the leg. While acute wound care garments tend to be pretty medical looking, there are hundreds of garments that can be used for maintenance, in colors, patterns and styles that will fit in to any wardrobe.

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